Customer Commitment

We are committed to Respecting Our Customers and carrying out High Quality Work

Customer Respect

We will respect you, our customers, by:

    • Respecting your time – we understand you may be waiting in for us or have taken time off work
    • Listening carefully to your requirements
    • Clearly explaining options
    • Keeping you informed
    • Respecting your home or business – by not being unnecessarily messy or disruptive
    • Cleaning up after ourselves
    • Checking our work has met your requirements & expectations
    • Acting and behaving in a professional manner at all times

Quality Work

Our business depends on you being pleased with the work we do. If you are delighted with our work:

    • It gives us job satisfaction
    • You will recommend or refer us to other potential customers
    • You may give us a good review
    • You will use us again